What’s Your Favorite UI?

DC Comics AppMike Kruzeniski recently wrote about being a fan of Windows Phone’s Metro and all the great designs that springboard off of it. He highlight some of the apps he thinks really use Metro to its fullest and have great UI designs. Which made me think, what’s my favorite app UI? I don’t have a Windows Phone (I’m an admitted Apple addict) but that’s not really the point. All operating systems have apps with great UIs and horrible UIs. What I want to do is share those favorites (or least favorites if there’s one you particularly detest). So, what’s YOUR favorite UI?

Here are some of the apps Mike highlighted to get your mind going …

Amazon Kindle
The Kindle app manages to get a lot of content in to it’s opening Panorama without feeling cluttered. The background graphic and logo make it very clear that this is an Amazon application, but they don’t shout – the content is still the hero on every screen.

Bank of America
What I like about the BofA app is that is does a lot with just the Pivots, some color and texture, and careful attention to the type.

DC Comics
DC Comics uses core Metro styling for it’s Pivots in most of the app, but has a very distinct and playful personality on its opening Panorama. The background graphic is really well chosen – it’s exciting, but doesn’t conflict with the foreground content. The comic typeface and DC Comics logo bring just the right amount of Brand voice.

ESPN Scorecenter
The Scorecenter app has a very refined grid that allows the app to fill the screen with a lot of information, yet manages to still feel clean and open. It uses bold background colors to both give the app a strong personality, and to distinguish between the different sports in the app. The ticker at the bottom of the screen packs in even more info, but feels light, and makes this very clearly an ESPN branded experience.

Evernote did a really nice job of branding their splash / sign-in screen. The rest of the app is very simple and mostly sticks to core Metro controls. But, their consistent use of brand colors and the subtle but deliberate placement of their logo creates a space that feels very distinctly Evernote.

Check out all of Mike’s favorites on his blog >>>

So, which UIs speak to you? Let us know in the comments!

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