Stats: Companies Still Missing the Mark with App Testing

StatsThat same World Quality Report (by HP, Capgemini and Stogei) that I cited in yesterday’s post about enterprise app testing is filled with even more interesting – and disturbing – facts. Kate recently wrote about a SDTimes survey that found that 42% of companies don’t test their mobile apps, but the World Quality Report puts that number even higher. Here’s a look at the numbers:

  • 31% (one-third) of those surveyed currently formally test their mobile apps
  • 64% of mobile app testing is focused on performance
  • 48% is focused on functional testing
  • 18% focuses on security testing
  • 51% of businesses test in-house (13% have moved entirely an outside provider)
  • 59% of businesses that test in-house classify their QA department’s knowledge of the latest testing tools and technologies as “average”
  • 29% say they lack the necessary testing expertise or specialists
  • 78% expect to start using Testing as a Service within the next two years
  • 60% are in the process of building or planning a Testing Center of Excellence

On the upside:

  • 42% of QA budgets increased in the last year
  • 53% expect QA budgets to increase in the next three years

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The World Quality Report surveyed 1,553 CIOs, CFOs, IT Directors/Managers and QA Directors/Executives/Managers. Respondents are from private companies, public sector organizations and government departments in 25 countries.

The stats from this survey prove just how stuck in the old ways of testing some organizations are. They continue to neglect security testing and focus on traditional in-house, outsourced or otherwise centralized forms of testing that fail to take into account that end-users live in the real world, which produces a range of challenges that can’t be replicated in a lab. Hopefully the 78% who are looking to leverage testing as a service realize that option opens a world of access to real live end-users (not just a bank of mobile emulators in a lab somewhere).

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