Enterprises Increase Their App Testing Efforts

Fair or not, enterprises are often viewed as late adopters. But once they finally pivot, things tend to change rather quickly (and permanently).

A good example of this is how enterprises view their mobile strategy. After years of experimentation and sub-par practices, it looks like the enterprise is finally getting serious about mobile app testing. At least according to a report covered by Paul Krill of InfoWorld. Here are a few excerpts from his latest article:

“What we’re seeing [with mobile applications] is every organization now has to have some sort of mobile strategy, and that mobile strategy has to already fit in with what they’re doing with their existing apps,” said analyst Theresa Lanowitz, a co-author of the report and founder of Voke. “There’s very little tolerance for a mobile application that does not work from a functional perspective as well as from a performance perspective.” Software testers, she said, really need to look for commercially available tools to manage “that complex grid of what they’re going to test.”

Voke’s report found the software testing market “currently in a renaissance,” in terms of testing professionals and vendor innovation. Market leaders could face challenges from innovators tackling emerging technology like the cloud, mobile, device software, and infrastructure, as well from innovations delivering simple solutions to classic and age-old problems by leveraging virtualization. Vendors solving problems of entrenched testing tools also could pose a challenge.

Of course, virtualization and tool-based approaches are not the only options when it comes to ensuring mobile quality. There’s also in-the-wild testing, with real testers on real devices.

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