8 Signs You Might be a Smartphone Fanboy

Are you a smartphone fanboy or fangirl? If you’re unsure, here are few telltale signs, in no particular order:

  1. You’ve become sexually aroused by smartphone product specs
  2. You can *prove* other smartphones actually suck
  3. You’ve accused tech journalists of secretly working for (Microsoft/Google/Apple)
  4. You’ve accused others of being fanboys
  5. You comment on smartphone articles at least twice a day
  6. You’ve had to Google the word “subjective”
  7. You’ve been flagged over 100 times on Engadget
  8. You’ve purchased other smartphones, yah know, just to study their weaknesses

What are some other signs? Please share them in the comment section (note: that does not make you a fanboy).

One Response to “8 Signs You Might be a Smartphone Fanboy”

  1. CaptainPrice said:

    Glad I’m not a Smartphone Fanboy!

    Apple suck.

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