6 Things You Need To Know About Android 5.1 Lollipop


On Monday, March 9, 2015, Google announced it would be rolling out the newest update to the current Lollipop 5.0 operating system. The latest version includes improvements to device performance and stability. The upgrade also adds features that give users greater control over settings, and the ability to customize devices to fit their needs. Google has always stressed that the original concept behind the Android operating system, was the development of an interface to sweeten the life of those that use the Android-powered devices. That is the reason for naming every version of the Android operating system, after a dessert or sweet treat.

Ability to Use Two SIM Cards Simultaneously

A SIM card is a great feature to have on any phone. It means that a user can purchase a new phone without disrupting their service. On SIM card compatible phones using older operating systems, the phone owner didn’t have the option of using two cards at the same time. This feature is an excellent upgrade for frequent international travelers. It means that they can purchase a second SIM card for overseas calling without having to worry about incurring hefty charges on their main plan card. This feature is a huge bonus for heavy data users.

Faster and Easier Access to Settings – Even When Screen is Locked

Before Android’s newest update, users had to jump through hoops to get to the phone settings. Thanks to this upgrade, a user has access to all the quick settings just by dragging the pull-down  feature at the top of the screen.  Now device users can turn Wi-Fi on or off, or sync their phones to Bluetooth devices without having to open settings to get to the area where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls are.

Increased Ability to Customize Notification Features

Android 5.0 gave users the ability to see notifications as they come in. Getting rid of them or getting them off the status bar wasn’t very convenient. Android 5.1 improves on this feature by letting users swipe upwards to get rid of the list. An alert still appears in the menu bar, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to respond. Another upgrade gives users control over turning priority notifications on and off, and even switching the device to priority mode so audible notifications don’t wake them all night. This enhancement makes it possible to silence notifications more easily.

Simplified Interface for Multitasking Capabilities

For people who are used to older versions of the Android operating system, this is a welcome change. Google refers to the changes in the material design that totally transform multitasking capabilities and efficiency in Android 5.1, as Overview, a system of organizing everything into card stacks. Talk to two people using the same app, simply by creating separate cards for each conversation. This change makes it possible for users to go back and forth between apps. Send someone an e-mail while texting someone else. Chat with someone while surfing the Internet. These are all possible in Overview.

Smarter Wi-Fi

On other platforms, devices would keep trying to connect to Wi-Fi networks when access was limited or unavailable. This upgrade means that the device will remember those instances where attempts to connect to Wi-Fi service failed.

It is worth noting that Google is releasing this update less than six months after the release of the original version of the Lollipop operating system. Improvements to everything from RAM management to excessive battery consumption will thrill Android customers. The upgrades to this operating system, pave the way for huge advances in app development.

Susan B