Best Tools For Load Testing Your Application

Device Demographics

Managing a web or mobile application can be complicated, especially with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of users waiting in anticipation for its official launch. Knowing some of the best load testing tools that are available for cloud infrastructure setups is a way for you to ensure you are ready to go live whether you are selling products and services or simply sharing content to millions of users worldwide. Testing the load of an application or mobile product on multiple network services is a way for you to guarantee your uptime while ensuring you are able to deliver the products and content you need to your own users and potential customers.

Finding the Right Testing Tools

Finding the right testing tools for your network and when working in the cloud is essential prior to launching a new system or application for alpha or beta users to begin trying. Knowing the type of load you are capable of handling is a way to launch any app live without the worry of lag or shutting down entirely.

Consider Your Network and Audience

Before looking for the right usability and testing tools, be sure to consider the network and audience you are appealing to with your brand and the mobile tool or script you are sharing. Having a thorough understanding of the demographic you want to appeal to is a way to eliminate testing services and cloud networks that are not ideal for the type of content, products, or services you want to share.

Consider Your Budget

Before you begin comparing different mobile applications and tools to keep content, data, and information safe, consider the budget you have available for the testing software and services you require. Many application testers today are available free to charge and test before choosing a system you want to use permanently when loading content and sharing products with others.

Some of the Most Popular Testing Tools for Mobile Applications and Development

Before you begin sharing products or showcasing any of the content your business has to offer, consider comparing some of the most popular testing tools for mobile app development on the market today. Taking the time to compare some of the most well-known mobile app tools is a way for you to ensure you are getting everything you need out of your mobile platform without having to do all of the testing on different networks yourself.


AgileLoad is one of the most popular options available for load testing with new mobile apps as it is free of charge and provides insight into the various types of issues you may experience when running your own app. The app itself is free to use, provides full support, free scripting, and it is highly customizable–perfect for companies interested in branding the backend tools and systems in place.

Load Impact

Load Impact is another free tool available for mobile app developers and testers alike. Along with the tool itself being free of charge, it also offers a pay as you go system for those who enjoy the application and want to continue utilizing it for their own business over time. The tools allow individuals to test load large scenarios while working with multiple businesses and groups of potential customers and consumers. Real time testing is one of the biggest advantages of using Load Impact for any business model.

Keynote KITE

Keynote KITE is another free software tool to use to help with monitoring and balancing the load users have over a network and infrastructure you have set up and developed. The system is free to use, easy to work with, and even allows users to share data between one another, making it simple to communicate and stay up to task with all mobile app sharing tools and developments.

Ashley Q