Mobile App Testing: Questions and Answers

questionsandanswers3Mobile apps are on the rise. In fact, as we noted yesterday, native apps now account for more internet usage than PCs. With this news, it might be a good time for a brand (or even a lone developer) to start asking themselves some important questions when it comes to mobile quality and their mobile strategy in general.

Many of those questions can be found on Quora – by far the best Q&A site on the web. We went through and extracted a few that you’ll definitely want to check out. Let’s take a look:

What are the best-designed mobile apps? – With so many mobile apps available, which ones are the most easy-to use – and more importantly, why? Respondents weighed in with their choices, which included Evernote 5.0, Mailbox, Clear, Moves, Flipboard and others.

What should the monetization plan be for a free mobile app? – You’re a start-up company, creating a free mobile app and, as such, you would like to learn how to gain revenue in providing this free mobile app to the public. This thread covers things like App purchases, subscriptions, in-app purchases, advertising and affiliate marketing services. Of course, many people noted the option to keep the app free.

Should I start on Android or iOS for a mobile app? – Good question, right? Here were some of the pros of each choice:


  • A better distribution mechanism in the App Store than the Android
  • A very long approval process for apps
  • A great payment process has been established
  • Your mobile app can also be used on the iPad, which has sales that are soaring


  • Allows you to add a widget directly to your home screen
  • Can send MMS/SMS directly from your phone pretty seemlessly
  • Not much of an approval process
  • A great platform if you wish to make a free app
  • A larger audience than Apple

What companies develop good mobile apps? – Many brands work with agencies to develop their mobile apps, so which ones are the best? Answers included Bayinteractive, Two Tosters, TechAhead and Blue Label Labs.

Will HTML5 ever overtake native mobile apps? – To summarize the debate:

It will occur:

  • For certain categories, such as content-drive applications (blogging and news), this will occur because the content is the important part of such websites, and HTML5 is much cheaper to produce

Not possible:

  • Applications, such as photo taking, will not be taken over by HTML5
  • Anything pertaining to editing photos or video will not be able to leave the native mobile app
  • Bandwidth and offline problems are what’s holding HTML5 back

What are the most common UX pitfalls in mobile app design? – At a quick glance, here are some of the top answers (for both iOS and Android):

  • Ignoring the Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)
  • Doing more than one thing on a screen
  • Responsiveness!
  • Trying to adopt/scale-down web and desktop designs
  • Applying cross-platform design language
  • Not continuously testing on the device
  • Unnecessary usage of off-screen navigation menus on iPhone apps
  • Overly detailed tutorials for first-time users

Feel like weighing in? Visit the Quora threads above or answer them right here in our comments section.


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