Video: Prepare for Windows 8.1 Changes

Microsoft is working on the newest version of its mobile OS: Windows 8.1. The update is reported to include a lot of changes and won’t be released for a few months, but Microsoft has released an emulator to help teams start preparing their apps for the change.

WinBeta has been playing around with the emulator to discover some of the new features.

Windows Phones 8.1 includes support for “Universal Apps” – consisting of tools to build apps for both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Support for a 3rd-party text messaging client is also indicated in this build, along with a “Battery Power Sense” tool which presumably helps you monitor battery life and get the most out of it. …

Other features we have to look forward to, but are not available in this build, are the Siri-like voice assistant app and the new notification/action center. Microsoft has already said that Windows Phone 8.1 will be made available to any device currently running Windows Phone 8.

They also produced a video to show off some of the changes. Start accounting for these changes so you can begin testing as soon as Windows 8.1 becomes available.

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