Which OS is Quickest to Develop For? A Surprising Answer

iOS Android Windows PhoneWhen it comes to device fragmentation, Android leaves iOS and Windows Phone in the dust. But 41% of developers think that Android is the quickest platform to develop for, according to a survey from Evans Data. iOS claimed 36% of respondents and 34% think Windows Phone is the quickest to create apps for.

The Inquirer reported on some other interesting (and a little bit surprising) findings from the Mobile Development Survey. When it comes to tablets, 84% of developers say they design for Android, well over the 62% that target the iPad.

These figures from the bi-annual Evans Mobile Development Survey might come as a surprise, as traditionally it’s easier to create universally compatible apps for iOS devices, which have fewer form factors.

Not surprisingly, testing and debugging take up the biggest chunk of time for teams working on any of the major mobile platforms. It seems like developers are beginning to get a handle on device fragmentation. Most now understand the need to test on multiple screen sizes, 72% report emulating screen sizes during testing. That’s not quite the same as testing on real devices, but it’s a step in the right direction.

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