Apple Dominates in US, Android Rules Globally

According to the latest numbers, Apple’s iPhone owns 42% of the US smartphone market while Android’s top manufacturing contender, Samsung, has 26%.

Android versus iOS numbers go back and forth depending on what stat you’re looking at: number of new purchases or activations, number of apps downloaded, what countries you’re considering, etc. But when it comes to the US, more Americans have iPhones in their pockets than Androids – and that’s a trend that appears to be growing.

The data comes from the NPD Group’s Q4 2013 Connected Home Report and shows a widening gap over the past year. In Q4 2012, iPhone ownership was at 35% while Samsung claimed 22%. And the smartphone market in the US still has room to grow. From TechCrunch:

The wider picture in the U.S. is that smartphone penetration in the U.S. continues to rise, NPD further notes. Now some 60% of mobile phone users are using smartphones, compared to 52% a year ago. This indicates that, despite some theories that maturing markets will see a rise in low-cost sales over premium devices with a shift from early to medium/late adopters, this doesn’t appear to have happened as much in the U.S. — or carriers, resellers and Apple have found a market for less-expensive and older iPhone models, along with its newer, more expensive editions.

While more people are upgrading to smartphones, Apple and Samsung remain by far the dominate players. TechCruch notes that LG was the only other manufacturer to see growth in 2013.

Smartphone ownership growth

But outside of the US, it looks like Android as a whole is the preferred OS in most countries. A November 2013 study by StatCounter found that iOS was the prevailing platform in only 38 of 227 countries.

Mobile OS popularity by country

With so much room for growth on a global scale, manufacturers and operating systems are going to have to fight to gain – and retail – the lead. Play attention to which phones and platforms are popular in your area so you’re always ready to test!

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