More Companies Plan to Create Custom Apps

Mobile apps In late November, InformationWeek released the results of its 2013 Mobile Application Development survey. After talking to 688 business tech people, InformationWeek sees a continuing trend toward companies building custom mobile presences (including native apps and web) and an uptick in support for Android tablets. Here are some of the results:

  • 41% already have a custom app and plan on creating more
  • 24% don’t have an app but have plans to create one in the next year
  • 85% feel native apps are better than web apps
  • 78% have chosen Android phones as their preferred platform
  • 73% are developing for iPads and iPhones
  • 68% are considering apps optimized for Android tablets (a 15% increase over last year)
  • 28% are supporting Windows Phone
  • 10% are still betting on Blackberry 10

The world just keeps trending toward mobile! Keep on testing!

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