Samsung Accounts for Majority of Most Popular Devices

If you’re testing an Android app and targeting the most popular devices, odds are you have at least a couple Samsungs in that lot. Since 2002 (yes, the pre-app age of flip phones) Samsung has had 14 different handheld devices ship more than 10 million units, which makes them one of the top players in mobile manufacturing.

Last week, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note III (which was released just two months ago) joined the club. Since 2010, the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note, Galaxy X III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S4 and now the Galaxy Note III have all shipped more than 10 million units.

The Galaxy line is so popular, in fact, that they account for 11 of the 12 devices that make up the top 25% of most common Android devices according to OpenSignal. The Nexus 4 takes the lone none-Samsung place. In the next quadrant, the Galaxy line accounts for 31 of 48 devices.

Are you noticing a pattern here? If Samsung releases a new Galaxy device, you better add it to your testing plan ASAP – they are a popular family of devices.

Samsung 10 Million Seller Club

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