Smartphones Account for 55% of Mobile Phones Sold in Q3

New numbers released by Ericsson show that smartphones have tipped the scales and now account for the majority of mobile handsets sold worldwide. In Q3, smartphones accounted for 55% of handsets sold.

Despite the rise in handset sales, smartphones still only account for 25-30% of mobile phone subscriptions. Ericsson’s experts expect to see that number grow quickly. By 2019, the company expects 5.6 billion of the predicted 9.3 billion mobile subscriptions to be tied to smartphones.

Douglas Gilstrap, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy at Ericsson, says: “The rapid pace of smartphone uptake has been phenomenal and is set to continue. It took more than five years to reach the first billion smartphone subscriptions, but it will take less than two to hit the 2 billion mark1. Between now and 2019, smartphone subscriptions will triple.

Traffic fromĀ  smartphones is also expect to grow 10x in the next six years.

Smartphone Subscriptions - Ericsson

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