Unity Developers: Read This Before Launching Your Next App

Unity_3D_logo-300x165About a year ago, the wicked smart dev team over at uTest launched Apphance – a mobile app quality tool that makes it easy for developers to understand how their apps are working across a wide range of mobile devices, carriers and locations. At the time of launch, the tool supported developers working on The Big 3 operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Last week, uTest announced that is was supporting the next big platform: Unity.

If you’re a Unity developer who’s targeting your apps for iOS or Android and want to try Apphance right now, you can get started by creating a free Apphance account and reviewing the installation instructions for adding Apphance to your Unity app. The installation process is simple, and an experienced Unity developer should be able to have everything working in around 30 minutes to an hour.

Unity is an incredibly popular cross-platform game engine, allowing developers to write their apps once and deploy them on a number of different game systems. With more than 2 million developers who have collectively submitted over 1,500 apps to the Apple App Store alone, Unity has become a major force in the development world. We’re incredibly excited to bring Apphance to this community and offer them a great tool that simplifies testing their apps while making it easy to monitor issues affecting their actual customers.

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