Why There Are So Many Mobile Games

Mobile Game AppsIf you’re a professional mobile app tester, you probably want to work for a company that puts out a lot of apps (job security!). If that’s the case, you’ll want to find a mobile gaming company. The Mobile Innovations Group (a research collaboration between MIT and Stanford) found that mobile game companies produce more apps than any other category of app creator. The reason behind this is two fold: 1) The more apps a game developer releases, the better their shot is at having a killer app (the opposite is true of other app categories). 2) Though mobile apps are relatively new, gaming isn’t. This gives developers a leg up on figuring out what users like and don’t like in a game.

Jason Davis and Pai-Ling Yin, leaders of the Mobile Innovations Group, recently wrote an article for Quartz on the reasons why gaming apps differ so greatly from their productivity and utility brethren.

Because of the legacy of video games, developers can easily import many successful features and strategies from video games to mobile apps.

Non-game app developers, in contrast, operate in nascent markets. Take, for instance, an app that allows customers to take a picture of a UPC code to get more information about an event or product. This offering is so new and so novel that consumers don’t even know what they want and need from it. …

For game developers, the probability of creating a killer app goes up the more apps they make. They don’t necessarily know which game is going to capture the imagination of the customer so their optimal strategy is to make a lot of games and see which one sticks. The probability of non-game developers creating a killer app, on the other hand, decreases the more apps they produce. They are better off making one, good, basic app and fiddling with it to improve the user experience.

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This drive to produce a lot of games and see which ones stick is reflected in the fact that, according to Portio Research, games make up the majority of apps in most of the popular app stores, the article notes.

To also means then game developers are creating quite the need for mobile app testing. After all, a poor quality app isn’t going to be a hit.

To see what users think of the games currently in the app stores, check out Applause.

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