Are You Reading the Applause App Analytics Blog?

applause-blog-headerIf you’re interested in mobile app testing – and we know you are – then there’s a very good chance that you’ll also be interested in mobile app analytics. And if you’re interested in mobile app analytics, then you will absolutely love the Applause blog.

If you aren’t familiar with Applause, it’s a free mobile app analytics tool from uTest. It aggregates millions of ratings and reviews from the major app stores and generates a custom score from 0-100, with scores for everything from security and pricing, to interoperability and usability. That’s the product; the blog on the other hand is all about, you guessed it, app analytics.

To illustrate, I wanted to highlight five recent blog posts in the hopes that you go and give them a read.

So if you’re looking for a deep dive into mobile app analytics – either of your app of or someone else’s – then you know what needs to be done.

Check out >>>

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