Mobile Developers Get Testy with Advertisers

adsMobile developers have a lot to worry about. There are tough choices to be made on HTML 5 vs. native apps. iOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone. Manual testing vs. automated testing. Paid vs. free vs. in-app purchases. The list goes on.

As VentureBeat recently highlighted, there’s another decision that mobile developers are struggling with: their marketing and advertising options. This is one of the key decisions that can make the difference between mobile success and failure – and it’s got a lot of developers very worried and annoyed.

Here’s the gist:

More than 70 percent of developers are dissatisfied with their current options for app marketing and advertising.

That’s the results of a survey by Papaya  Mobile, which offers the AppFlood service for promoting mobile games and  apps. The survey shows that the majority of developers don’t have a clear idea  of the benefits of mobile marketing channels. In particular, they don’t trust ad  network providers.

Papaya Mobile, based in Beijing, surveyed more than 1,000 developers of all  sizes to get perspective on the state of mobile app promotion and monetization.  The company found that this kind of issue is one place where the mobile  experience, which is the theme for our upcoming MobileBeat  2013 conference, could definitely improve.

The survey found that cost wasn’t the most important factor in choosing a  mobile ad partner. Cost ranked third, chosen by 37 percent of the respondents.  The most important factor for half the developers was whether they could trust  the ad partner to deliver effective results at a reasonable price. They have so  many options that they’re confused about which approach is the best.

About 48 percent of developers felt that the cost of user acquisition was too  expensive. Developers with 15 employees or less expressed the most  dissatisfaction, with 53 percent saying user acquisition was too expensive,  while only 33 percent of large developers (with 50 or more staff) saying  that.

A question for all the mobile developers and testers out there: Do YOU trust your mobile ad providers? be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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