Infographic: App Developers Fail to Generate Enough Revenue

Are mobile app developers making enough revenue from their apps? A recent infographic from App Promo indicates that they aren’t. But with mobile app adoption growing so rapidly – why is this the case?

The Competition is Stiff

There are so many apps in the mobile marketplace and users only have about 10 ‘staple’ apps on their phone. This means that only the highest quality, high value apps survive.

Increased User Expectations

There are countless facts and figures indicating that if your app is crashing, not functioning or running poorly users will abandon it and move on. This puts an even bigger emphasis on the value of in-the-wild testing. App developers need to test more thoroughly to ensure that their apps work for everywhere, every time, on every device.

Most Apps Not in the App Stores

As the infographic indicates, most apps have not been featured in the app store, and if they have been featured they might have low star-rating steering users away. Determining what users are saying about your app’s quality and the areas you need to improve is crucial to maintaining a successful application. And remember, there are several free tools out there to help you gauge app quality.

Here’s a look at App Promo’s infographic:


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