Tablet and Mobile Video Viewing at All-Time High

mobile-video1Viewers are no longer satisfied with print, television, and even desktop computers as their only source of entertainment.The adoption of tablets and smartphones has had a massive effect on the entertainment industry, and usage has continued to grow.

In fact, according to The Next Web’s Kaylene Hong, tablet and mobile viewing has hit some new records:

“This preference for mobile is extending to online videos, according to a report from online video firm Ooyala. Smaller screens aren’t deterring people from watching more videos on their tablets and mobile phones, and they are even spending more than half of their total online viewing time watching long-form videos on these platforms.

According to Ooyala’s report, tablet and mobile video viewing broke records in the first quarter of 2013. The share of tablet and mobile video grew 19 percent in Q1 2013, and made up more than 10 percent of all online video plays during the period. The growth rate for Q1 2013 was similar to the pace seen in 2012, Ooyala says, when the share of mobile and tablet viewing doubled between January 1 and December 31.

Here’s a chart from The Next Web that shows time watched by video length and device in Q1 2013:

Because mobile and tablet usage is growing at such unprecedented speeds, entertainment companies are realizing that their older methods of distribution are no longer sufficient. In fact, not having a mobile presence puts them at a loss.

However, entertainment companies launching apps need to proceed with caution, as user expectations are growing as well. And because video and entertainment applications are so content heavy, there’s a lot to be tested prior to launch. Functional bugs, load issues and usability problems that cause the application to work poorly for users need to be identified and fixed as quickly as possible.

Users are using these apps on-the-go, and that is why we’re seeing usage rates account for new records. However, the on-the-go adoption presents a new set of challenges – apps must work everywhere, every time, on every device.

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