CIOs Feel Mobile Development Too Slow

Mobile App Development SpeedFeeling the pressure to go mobile and move quickly, the majority of CIOs feel their companies aren’t keeping up, according to a survey by Vanson Bourne.

Conducted in February, the firm spoke to nearly 600 “IT decision makers” at large companies in nine countries. From IT Wire:

CIOs say it takes an average of five months to deliver new versions of mobile applications for existing mobile device updates, confirming they cannot keep up with device vendors releasing updates every couple of months. …

The majority (79%) confirmed the teams delivering these mobile apps are a mix of in-house and outsourced support. But a third labelled their mobile development team as sluggish, middling or outpaced, showing a distinct lack of faith in their ability to develop and deliver against business requirements.

Companies that are already behind will likely struggle even more as the pressure of mobile increases.

“Mobile apps play a critical role in every organisation’s business strategy today,” said Findlay. “But the consumer in all of us is demanding more, and companies are under increasing pressure to release higher quality mobile apps faster and more often than ever before.

“With over 150 different mobile device vendors, most offering multiple operating systems, it is critical for organisations to satisfy the consumer’s experience regardless of the chosen device; this can only be achieved by thoroughly testing key transaction that support the business.

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Whether they stick with in house teams, use outside resources or embrace a hybrid approach, companies will need to figure out how to develop and test high quality apps faster than they do today. Before simply rushing the projects, these CIOs should sit down with their CTOs, QA Managers, Developers and any other key players to discuss and listen to ways to make the process more effiencent. While CIOs may be anxious to speed up the process, they need to remember that customers won’t stand for poor quality apps.

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