Business Travelers Love Their Apps

Who lives more of an on-the-go life than a business traveler? How does that affect their relationship with their smartphone? UberMedia pulled some interesting facts and stats and found that business travelers turn to their devices to fill a lot of roles. They’re so reliant, in fact, that what is or isn’t available via mobile app actually influences their actions.

  • 27% of business travelers have changed their airline preference based on mobile usability
  • 54% use mobile wallet apps or payment systems
  • 33% use a tablet instead of a laptop for presentations
  • Smartphones have replaced some everyday objects such as newspapers (37%), day planners (46%), cameras (54%) and alarm clocks (56%)
  • 81% play mobile games at least once a week
  • 44% use finance apps at least once a day
  • 80% use sports apps once a week
  • 44% use shopping apps once or more a day

Business Travelers and Apps

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