Key Strategies for Marketing Your Mobile App

marketing mobileYou’ve successfully developed your app, tested and launched it. However, you’re not done just yet. You now need to develop a strategy to drive awareness to your application, and acquire loyal users.

Welcome to the world of mobile app marketing.

So how do you capture the interest of your app’s customer base and prospects? An article VentureBeat recently highlighted five mobile app marketing strategies for brands:

1) Dedicate Marketing Resources to Your App

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, the optimal percentage of a marketing budget that should be allocated to mobile is 7 percent — and will only increase with the growth of smartphone adoption. Put the necessary budget and staff behind the marketing of your apps to allow them to become the revenue-generating vehicles they can and deserve to be. Capturing and maintaining app market share requires marketing resources that go beyond marketing your apps at traditional customer touch points.

2) Set App-Oriented Marketing Goals

App marketing presents an entirely new range of marketing goals, with different corresponding strategies and tactics. Measure app-specific goals beyond the obvious metrics such as rank and downloads: measure loyal user acquisition, organic user acquisition, competition, and more. Align your marketing strategies to these goals.

3) Market Your App on Mobile Media

Brands now need to commit an ongoing portion of their overall marketing spend to promoting their apps where mobile users are: mobile advertising networks and real-time bidding exchanges. These channels are the fastest way to build and sustain a large user base.

4) Target Optimal Store Rank and Loyal Users

Reaching users who are browsing the app store is critical to the success of your app. Beyond these organic users, you’ll also want to think in terms of “loyal users.” Loyal users are those who use the app repeatedly, make in-app purchases, and more — they are the users you can build your app business on. Harness technology solutions that help you identify and target these loyal users.

5) Use Optimization Technology to Drive Marketing Performance

Optimization is one of the most critical components of your app marketing program. There are so many targeting variables, and every app performs differently. When working with traditional marketing vehicles, optimization technology is crucial to gain detailed insights into the marketing sources that are delivering on your goals.”

Don’t forget, in order to maintain loyal users you need to listen to what they are saying. If users are saying the app isn’t working properly, crashing or missing certain features – you need to make the necessary changes as soon as possible. Utilizing tools to help you monitor what users are saying, and making informed decisions based on this data, can help you keep your users loyal.

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