Do Men And Women Use Their Mobile Apps Differently?

gender-mobileAn article today on Wired that piqued my interest was the difference in how men and women use apps. While, “the most well-known and popular apps in the App Store tend towards a 50-50 gender ratio split.”, it appears that the way in which men and women use the apps show some interesting differences. Stereotypical findings still exist, most sports and automotive apps are downloaded by men and woman are downloading far more catalog apps, still, some anomalies presented themselves. I’d like to share with you some of the interesting stats I found.

  • Catalog Spree reported that men are ever so slightly (about 2-percent) more likely to actually purchase items through mobile apps than women are
  • Venmo, an app that lets you easily send and receive payments from friends, reports that 60-percent of its users are male.
  • Mobile marketing firm Velti found that men purchase 11-percent more virtual goods than ladies.
  • According to Storm8, the sixth largest grossing mobile app publisher of 2012, their gaming titles in this category feature a 75-percent male userbase. However, Storm8 sees 80 percent of downloads coming from women for “social arcade” category of gaming, things like Bubble Mania or jewel-matching titles.
  • A larger percent of ladies download books on their mobile devices than fellas, according to Flurry Analytics.
  • Photography apps skew more male on iOS (strong on the iPhone, moderate on the iPad), while they lean moderately more female on Android.

I would have to agree with Christina Bonnington, the author of the Wired piece, that although some of these stats are interesting, they still seem to point out that men and women use their mobile devices pretty much in the same way, “both men and women are using their devices for reading content, for playing games, for making purchases, and dozens of other purposes.”




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