Benefits of Facebook Home for Android

All this talk about Facebook Home for Android has peaked my curiosity. As a new Android convert and a Facebook junkie, it seems logical that I would gravitate towards this. However, I find all the information out there is negative criticism. Everything from security issues to how Zuckerbergs announcement was remiscnent of Microsoft in 2011 (see video).

But, for those of us with an Android phone, and who love the capabilities of the Android, this could be a great thing! A recent post on AndroidAuthority highlights some of the benefits of this marriage.

  1. Android dodged a bullet by creating a software that runs on top of android and not forking android, like the Amazon Kindle Fire, “(Android) has further cemented its position at the top of the mobile ecosystem”
  2. “Facebook has just become one (if not the most) powerful Android ally.”
  3. “Custom launchers will become much more popular, and thus a real advantage in the market for Google, and not just another paragraph in “top 10 reasons Android is better than iOS” articles.”
  4. “Love it or hate it, the concept will surely make a lot of impact on the market.”

Personally, I am excited for it, but what I really want to know if what you think about. Tell us in the comments!

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