Are Android Users Not Using Their Handsets?

wi-fi-hotspot-open-to-publicRecent studies have showed an interesting trend in the way in which iOS and Android users consume data and use their handsets over Wi-Fi connections. Although Android dominates the marketplace, it appears that iOS devices captured over 61% of mobile web traffic. A staggering statistic when you look at the fact that “in the fourth quarter of 2012, Android made up 70 percent of the smartphone market according to IDC’s numbers. iOS held a mere 21 percent. Gartner’s estimates for the same period show the same breakdown.” (Read the full article on Wired.)

The statistics for in-flight Wi-Fi follow the same trend too, where researchers are seeing iOS making up 84% of the usage. However, there are several factors that come into play here. First of all, iOS dominates the tablet space and half of all in-flight Wi-Fi traffic comes from iPads alone. It is also important to note that over 41% of iOS users tend to be considered affluent and therefore can afford the charges that accrue when using in-flight Wi-Fi.

Another factor that comes into play in this overall trend is that Android users tend to use their devices on cellular networks more than Wi-Fi. Android users are on the go and using their devices in shorter bursts, whereas iOS users tend to settle in for longer stints on their device through a Wi-Fi connection. As an Android user myself, I see this to be the case. I am always on the go and I find using the cellular network, on which I have unlimited data, to be more reliable. This, of course, skews the data slightly in favor of iOS devices because the majority of these studies were conducted on the usage of devices on Wi-Fi.

It is also interesting to note that, according to the Wired article, “this odd usage discrepancy between iOS and Android could be disappearing though. A survey published in March questioning Galaxy S III owners and iPhone owners found very little difference in the way they use their mobile devices.”

So how do you use your device? Wi-Fi or Cellular Network? Android or iOS?


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