Can Smartphones Lower Our Energy Use?

wiser-home-controlIn recent years as we have seen a rise in consumers trying to be more green and conscientious of their carbon foot prints, so too have mobile technologies. With serious drains on power grids and major blackouts that have been experienced across the country, some research companies are trying to help bring big data, mobile capabilities and utility companies together. Take Pecan Street, a nonprofit research company headquartered at the University of Texas, Austin. Pecan Street is providing detailed data about consumers’ energy use to help utility companies manage the distribution of energy and help decrease overload on energy grids which cause blackouts.

With the introduction of smarter devices in the home, utility companies are looking to stay in touch with these developments. As an article in Mashable says, “(Utility companies) don’t want innovation to leave them behind.” The utility companies need to figure out how to interface with customers and their devices to being them the information they need to help manage energy distribution, and in turn help consumers to be greener and conscious of their carbon footprints.

[Brewster McCracken, president and CEO of Pecan Street] envisions a world of energy apps that could do everything from informing users when they need to update their insulation or helping them figure out what model of refrigerator would better suit their patterns of use. “These kinds of systems really hit their sweet spot in detecting problems that were really difficult to detect before,” says McCracken.

It will be interesting to see where these developments take us and the impact they can have on the increasing strain on our energy grids.

For more information on Pecan Street’s research read the full article on Mashable.

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