The Most Eye-Catching Mobile App Icon Designs

You’ve designed your app, tested for usability issues and made appropriate changes and fixes. You’re app is almost ready go…. but there’s still an important part of the design process left; your mobile app icon.

Sounds simple enough, but mobile app icon design is a very important part of promoting your app in the app store – and even on your users’ smartphones. The app icon is what draws users in within the app store, and once they download your app, what they will probably see every day. This means your app icon should be as eye-catching and as clever as possible.

Enfuzed recently prepared a list of the 25 most clever mobile app icons (note: some of these are just for fun and have not been endorsed by the said company yet).  Here are some of the highlights:

Coke Machine by Aaron Sampson


Chuck by Marc Clancy


Backpack by Skelet Art


Nutella by Julian Burford


Dominos Pizza by Julian Burford


Skippy by Julian Burford


Tic Tac Box by Jackie Tran


Whiskey by Konstantin Datz


Nikon Camera by Gianluca Divici


See the full list here>>

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