Why Small Businesses Must Commit to a Mobile Strategy

photoEveryone’s doing it. Google, Amazon, eBay, Dunkin Donuts, American Express… you name it.

Mobile is the place to be – and if you’re a business owner who hasn’t gone mobile yet – you’re likely missing out on a lot, including revenue and brand exposure. As Maribel Lopez of mobile market research and analyst firm, Lopez Research, told uTest, “Mobile is another Internet channel, so not being a part of it puts you noticeably absent from the commerce sphere.”

This makes it increasingly important that small businesses itching for success go mobile, as well. However, it is much easier said than done. Big brands have the resources to take their business to the mobile landscape – but small brands that lack the time and funds are likely to be hesitant, therefore diving into mobile more slowly.

Max Nison in Business Insider says going mobile for small businesses can’t be done this way. Adopting a mobile strategy for a small brand has to be a transformation, not an experiment:

“When it comes to adapting mobile and digital technology, there’s a tendency to want to do it slowly, to dip a toe in the water before committing, and change one part of a business at a time.

That’s especially true for small businesses who may be trying out many of these technologies in a business context for the first time. According to a report from Capgemini Consulting and MIT, companies that commit to digital and mobile in all of their functions significantly outperform slow adopters. The best path for small businesses isn’t to experiment with mobile. It’s to use it to transform the way they work.”

Nison recommends diving in head-first. However, there are many factors that go into adequately building a mobile presence. So how do you craft your mobile strategy? Dan Rowinski, of ReadWriteMobile, recently posted this MutualMobile infographic that helps you determine a mobile strategy that is right for you in 7 questions or less:


After you build out and craft your mobile strategy, finding cost effective in-the-wild testing and app analytics tools are essential to executing that strategy well. How do you plan to get started with your mobile strategy? Let us know in the comments section.

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