Unicorn Apocalypse is Real (and so are the bugs)

unicorn-2If you’re reading this blog on mobile app testing, there’s a very good chance you’ve also seen Samsung’s ad campaign targeting business users. The ads feature a fictional startup developing Unicorn Apocalypse – a mobile app we confidently assumed was also fictitious. It’s not. The app is real. It debuted earlier this week…to horrible reviews.

Here’s TechCrunch on the flop:

As it turns out, Samsung held a contest to create the game which was used in the TV commercials, and the winning entry game from the developers at Liquid Gameworks. The plot, apparently, has to do with a unicorn described as the “harbinger of the apocalypse.” Players will run the unicorn across an urban landscape, jumping over rooftops and avoiding the “deadly unicorn traps” that soldiers from the Anti Unicorn Force has deployed. There are also three “boss” levels to beat, and metal soundtrack to accompany said unicorn’s spree.

But as much fun as that sounds, as it turns out, the game is actually…well…it’s rather bad. The app currently has a 2.1 star rating in Google Play, where 228 users out of 375 have given it the lowliest 1-star review. The game appears to be buggy, according to users’ comments, who also point out that it feels like a rip-off of the more popular Robot Unicorn Attack.

“After a minute of playing the unicorn just runs off an edge into an endless pit of fire. Points are still collected, but the unicorn isnt [sic] even on the screen,” reads one review from user Darshan Mand.

Liquid Gameworks, if you’re reading this, we can help.

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