Need Your App Tested? There’s a Company For That

Apps GaloreLong-time readers of this site will know that the content presented here comes courtesy of uTest – the world leader for in-the-wild testing. This post is not for them.

Instead, this post for the first-time visitor, or the casual visitor that does not yet know about uTest’s various mobile app testing services (and who might need them). So for them, here is a brief overview:

With uTest’s global community of testers, companies can easily test  their mobile applications under real-world conditions across multiple handset makers & models, wireless carriers, operating systems, locations, languages  and other important criteria. uTest Apphance takes mobile app testing a step further, giving developers over-the-air distribution capabilities plus the ability to get bug reports and feedback from directly within the app while automatically collecting device data and detailed crash reports.

So whether you’re building apps for  iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, uTest is ready to help you meet  your testing needs with services including:

  • Exploratory Testing: Testers will search your mobile app for bugs and defects that  are only discoverable through unexpected, novel usage patterns from  real users.
  • Test Case Execution: A team of  testers will use your test cases to ensure your mobile app is tested across OS versions, browsers, locations, carriers and more.
  • Test Case Writing: Let one of our community experts draft a highly detailed and efficient  test case (aka test script) to ensure comprehensive test coverage.
  • Test Automation: uTest partners with some of the leading test automation companies to  deliver a more affordable, practical automated QA solution.

Other testing types include:

  • Security Testing: Mobile apps are now being targeted by hackers. With uTest, a team of security experts will probe for common vulnerabilities.
  • Load & Performance Testing: Ensure that your mobile application is prepared for peak usage periods with our load & performance services.
  • Localization Testing: uTest can provide third-party verification of context and accuracy for any recently localized mobile application.
  • Usability Testing: Test the usability of your mobile application with the help of our dedicated UX experts and software-savvy professionals.

Complexity across handset makers, carriers, locations and operating systems has made building bug-free mobile apps incredibly difficult and expensive. With uTest’s global community of testers, companies of all sizes can ensure that their applications works properly – for everyone, everywhere, all the time.

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