Windows 8 Devices Top Engadget Readers Choice Awards

Windows 8 Devices Come Out on TopThe votes are in for the 2012 Engadget Awards:┬áReaders’ Choice – and the results might surprise you. There are 15 tech gadget categories but we’ll focus on the ones most important to mobile apps – smartphones and tablets.

Readers voted the Nokia Lumia 920 the top smartphone of 2012. Out of 10 contenders, the Lumia came out on top with 13,449 votes, an outstanding 43.7%. To put that into perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S III came in second with 4,808 votes and 15.6%. The iPhone 5 came in third with 4,135 votes/13.4%. All the other smartphones pulled in less than 10% of the vote.

The tablet category resulted in another upset. The Microsoft Surface RT won with 30.1% – 7,545 votes. Google Nexus 7 took second place with 19.9%, 4,975 votes. The Apple iPad (all versions lumped under the single moniker) pulled in third with 16.8% and 4,211 votes. Overall, there were eight tablets in the running.

More than 280,000 people voted so if we assume this poll is an accurate portrayal of what consumers are thinking, developers are going to want to play a lot more attention to the Windows app store. (Though Engadget does mention that “readers (and no doubt some manufacturers) spread the word,” so the results could be a reflection of Microsoft dedicating time and energy to getting votes rather than a true representation of what users like.)

Are you surprised by these results? What’s your favorite smartphone and tablet of 2012?

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