Does Anyone Apply for Jobs via Mobile?

mobile_jobsA message to all the companies looking to acquire talented new employees: Stop ignoring mobile! A recent guest post on VentureBeat outlined the 5 mobile myths that could mortally wound your recruiting efforts. Here were two of those myths that contain some subtle elements of mobile app testing. Take a look:

Myth 1: Hardly anyone searches for jobs on mobile devices

Fact: Mobile job search is doubling each year. For national job sites like  CareerBuilder, nearly one-third of traffic now comes from mobile. Google’s data  shows that searches for “jobs” from mobile devices reached 31 percent in  November 2012. For some job search terms like “nurse” and “truck driver,” mobile  search is even higher.

Myth 2: No one will apply to jobs from a mobile device

Fact: The volume of mobile applications is increasing daily.  According to a 2012 CareerBuilder study on mobile job search behavior, one in  five employers who have mobile career sites reported that at least 20 percent of  their applications come through mobile devices.  Unfortunately, many job seekers  who are applying through various venues encounter applications that can be five,  10, or even 15 pages long.

CareerBuilder has data that shows that when a mobile candidate is notified  they are about to encounter a non-mobile friendly apply process, 40 percent  bail. Since CareerBuilder enhanced the mobile apply process for all of its U.S.  clients in 2012, mobile applications increased by 50 percent.

Have you ever applied for a job through a native app or a mobile website? Be sure to share your experience in the comments section.

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