Do You Suffer From Mobile App Overload?

Do you suffer from a mobile app overload?How many apps do you have on your smartphone? Of those apps, how many do you regularly use?

Most likely the number of apps you actually use is much smaller than the total amount of apps cluttering your smartphone’s home screen.

Jenna Wortham, of The New York Times, says she has 259 applications on her iPhone and she only uses about 16 of them. She classifies the small pool of staple apps as “mobile app burnout”, which she believes the majority of smartphone owners are suffering from:

“I asked a few friends, and their behavior is similar to mine. One friend who lives in Los Angeles said he had 150 applications installed on his phone. He estimates that he uses about 15 on a daily basis. Another friend, this one in New York, told me he had 104 apps on his phone and used around 20 regularly.

This seems to correlate with a larger study by Nielsen, which found that the average number of applications per smartphone was rising, but that the amount of time people spent using apps had not changed much. The most heavily used apps were Facebook, YouTube, the Android Market, Google Search and Gmail.

Onavo, a company that helps people monitor their data use, estimates that only about 1,000 applications have at least 50,000 users in the United States. The rest remain far from the mainstream.

For the typical app, less than half the people who download it use it more than once, said Guy Rosen, the chief executive of Onavo.”

Along the same lines of Wortham’s discovery, Lopez Research Mobile Analyst, Maribel Lopez, told us at the beginning of the winter: “The challenge for a lot of companies is that on average there are about 75 apps on people’s phones and they use about 11 of them.” The infrequency of app usage is a big challenge to companies developing an app, because it is that much harder to get an app to become a user’s staple. If less than half the people who download your app use it more than once – what happens when only a small amount of users download your app at all? Your app’s chances of survival just continually get cut in half. For most apps, they will see little to no usage at all.

This means if there are bugs, problems with the UI or even minor security vulnerabilities – users will certainly abandon the app.  For a mobile application to survive, users need to love everything about it.

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