Is Your App Above or Below Average? Applause Will Tell You

App ScoresIf users could give your mobile app a grade would you be above or below average? Star ratings are the closest you can get to a grade and with an option of only 1-5 it doesn’t give you much insight. uTest decided to fix that.

uTest Labs (our totally awesome branch of innovators) has just launched Applause – a website/tool/product that crawls app ratings and reviews to give you actual insight into what user like (and don’t like) about specific apps. All the big data is pulled, put through a complicated algorithm and, in the end, produces a comprehensive Applause Score. (For details on how the score is calculated, visit Applause Behind the Scenes). This score, and the deep dive analytics tied to it, will help you see what areas (like performance, security, usability and content) your app is excelling in, what you need to improve and how you stack up against the competition!

To give you a idea of what you’re up against, here are the average scores for a few popular app categories.

iOS Average Scores

  • Games: 75
  • Entertainment: 57
  • Utilities: 64
  • Education: 73
  • Productivity: 67
  • Lifestyle: 62
  • Photo & Video: 66
  • Music: 68
  • Health & Fitness: 70
  • Social: 64

Android Average Scores

  • Tools: 71
  • Arcade & Action: 65
  • Entertainment: 51
  • Brain & Puzzle: 72
  • Casual: 62
  • Personalization: 67
  • Productivity: 69
  • Lifestyle: 58
  • Communication: 62
  • Music & Audio: 61

Is your app (or the apps of your competitors) excelling or is it below average? Find out by visiting Applause.

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