Numbers: Most Popular Mobile Devices

Struggling with mobile fragmentation? There are so many mobile devices on the market today that it can be overwhelming. Crowdsourced testing will help you make sure your app works on a variety of devices (uTest’s Project Managers keep an eye on device popularity to pinpoint the big players) but it’s important to pay attention to the most popular devices earlier in the SDLC. Watching market trends is a good way to figure out what devices people are gravitating toward. And you can’t ask for a better window into consumer behavior than the holiday gift-giving season.

Chitika (a mobile ad network) paid attention to device traffic before Christmas and after the last of the presents were unwrapped. This infographic Chitika created will give you a look at what the hot gifts were this year and which devices are dominating the market overall. While you’re looking at this infographic, remember to take in the ‘Present Share’ numbers along with the ‘Share Change’ – even though iPad’s market share percentage dropped, it’s still blowing everyone else out of the water.

Popular Mobile Devices

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