Forrester says In-the-Wild Testing the Key to Successful Apps

User FeedbackForrester recently spoke to mobile developers and user firms to put together the Mobile App Development Playbook. They found that the key to a successful mobile app is in-the-wild testing. Margo Visitacion, writing about the playbook for SD Times, said “Prioritize testing in the real world. Brands live and die by how their customers view their apps.”

In the article, Margo shares three tips for achieving real world success:

1) Feedback: In an ideal world, companies would know what their customers want, when they want it, and how they want it packaged. So for mobile app developers, make each day a potential election: Customers who vote on which functions to include or features to drop can provide fantastic input. But it’s more than just building the right features: Customers now feel that they own a piece of the app. And in an increasingly fickle world, customer loyalty is keenly important. By allowing customers to test the features in which they are interested, mobile app development teams can make loyalty a natural part of the development process,

2) Location testing: Apps that have location-based components should be tested in different locations. This is especially important if you are building a navigation app that guides users to the nearest store or clinic, as mistakes in these apps can be costly and result in people getting lost.

3) Crowdsourcing: It’s time for developers to take testing to the crowd, allowing groups to test the app and report back on their experience. Crowdsourcing is also a great way to gather data on how your app performs in “real-world” 2G, 3G, even 4G environments.

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