Analysts Increase Tablet Sales Expectations

Tablets increasing in popularityGartner predicts that 821 million mobile devices will be sold this year, and that mobile sales will top 1.2 billion by the end of 2013. Now IDC is predicting that tablets will be making up more of that number than previously thought.

The Journal is reporting that IDC has upped its tablet sales predictions.

By IDC’s new reckoning, tablet shipments in 2012 will hit 122.3 million units, up from the previous forecast of 117.1 million for the year. The firm also revised its 2013 forecast upward, from the previous estimate of 165.9 million units to the new figure of 172.4 million units. That growth will continue snowballing through 2016, when unit shipments are now forecast to hit 282.7 million (up significantly from the previous 2016 forecast of 261.4 million).

These increased predictions aren’t that surprising when you take a look at the tablet market. This year alone Kindle Fire and Nook both launched HD versions. The Microsoft Surface reached consumers. And Apple released three (yes, three) new versions of the iPad. IDC sees this boom of tablet manufacturing – and the market competition it creates – as a sign that tablet sales won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

“The breadth and depth of Android has taken full effect on the tablet market as it has for the smartphone space,” said Ryan Reith, program manager for IDC’s Mobile Device Trackers, also in a prepared statement. “Android tablet shipments will certainly act as the catalyst for growth in the low-cost segment in emerging markets given the platform’s low barrier to entry on manufacturing. At the same time, top-tier companies like Samsung, Lenovo, and ASUS are all launching Android tablets with comparable specs, but offered at much lower price points.”

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