Mobile Apps Overtake Web Consumption

As tech consumers, where do we spend most of our time – browsing the internet, watching television or playing around in a mobile app?

The usage of mobile applications has overtaken the web, and is edging its way towards a takedown of television. Flurry Analytics, in TechCrunch, released a study showing consumers spend 127 minutes a day on mobile apps:

“Now that usage of mobile apps has overtaken browsing on the desktop web, it’s starting to challenge television, Flurry says. The San Francisco-based mobile analytics startup says that consumers are spending 127 minutes per day in mobile apps, up 35 percent from 94 minutes a day in the same time last year. At the same time, desktop web usage actually declined slightly by 2.4 percent from 72 to 70 minutes.

This means that U.S. consumers are spending nearly two times more time in mobile apps than on the web. And this time spent is now starting to challenge time spent watching TV. Flurry estimates that the average U.S. consumer watches 168 minutes of television per day, based on data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2010 and 2011.

‘We ultimately expect apps on tablets and smartphones to challenge broadcast television as the dominant channel for media consumption,” said Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf.'”

 Check out the chart below:

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