Coming Soon: Windows Phone 7.8

Good news for the early adopters of Windows Phone who aren’t yet eligible for an upgrade: After months of no news, Windows 7.8 – the poor man’s Windows 8 – is going to be made available soon. That’s about as specific as we can get currently.

Here’s TechCrunch writer Natasha Lomas on the forthcoming update:

Windows Phone fans have had a plethora of news about Windows Phone 8 in recent weeks, with the WP8 launch event taking place at the end of October and shiny new phone hardware finding its way into shops. But when it comes to Windows Phone 7.8 — the last ever update for WP7, the older version of the OS built on an entirely different kernel to WP8 — Microsoft has been strangely silent.

The 7.8 update will bring the new, more flexible homescreen to 7.x Windows Phones — and, well, so far that’s the only confirmed detail, although rumours abound about additional features: from Bluetooth file transfers to access to the Xbox music store. Whatever it ends up offering, the 7.8 update will definitely not offer forward compatibility for WP8 apps, being as the underlying tech of the two OSes is different.

The article also contained a leaked video of 7.8 running on a Lumia 510. Take a look:

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