Best Apps For Checking Your Mobile Data Speed

Mobile Data SpeedIf you’ve ever seen a cell carrier’s network coverage map you’ve likely noticed those blank spaces. And while you might think, “But I don’t live in the wilds of North Dakota and my area is fully colored in so I’ll be fine,” where you’re located – right down to the block – plays a big role in your actual coverage. (Hint: That’s why in-the-wild testing is so important for mobile apps.) And while your carrier might claim they offer 4G coverage in your city, words don’t really matter in the end. What matters is how fast your data connect is actually performing. To help you get a better understanding of your data speed *geeksugar has put together a list of useful apps for testing your mobile data speed.

  • Mobile Speed Test (Android, iOS): With one tap, tests mobile connections in less than 30 seconds.
  • QIP Speed Test (iOS): Users can run a speed test and see how they compare with speeds in their area.
  • Cisco Global Internet Speed Test (iOS):┬áThis app has a user-friendly UI and measures connection speeds relative to WiFi and cellular speeds
  • cnlab SpeedTest (Android): This powerful app collects upload and download data rates and response time results for connection
  • Network Speed (Android): Monitor traffic in real time

Read more about each app at *geeksugar >>>

Testers, these apps will be useful so you can get an idea of how your environment is affecting the apps you’re testing.

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