6 Tips for Creating Successful Mobile Apps

Mobile AppsPaul Jacobs is President of Jacobs Media, a radio consulting firm that also has an app development branch. Having started working with mobile apps in 2008, Paul has worked up quite a bit of knowledge about making a successful app. In a recent post on jacoBLOG Paul decided he’d share “some of what we’ve learned on the road to 750 apps.” Though Paul is writing specifically for the radio industry, many of his tips are universal. Here are snippets of the most pertinent ones:

  • If you aren’t in the game, get into it quickly.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen a product category explode so rapidly, much less have tectonic impact on virtually all of society.
  • Apps aren’t static.  Even if you start off with an app with a few basic functions, don’t stop there.
  • Keep it simple.  The biggest mistake that brands make is cramming too much content into their app.  In other words, don’t try to stuff your website into a mobile phone.  The best apps are those that satisfy one or two specific needs.
  • Ask the audience.  We encourage brands to bring in [potential users] that own smartphones and not only talk to them about what they want, but have them play with selected apps to identify the best design, the most desirable features, and other information that can take an average app and turn it into a great one.
  • Apps should be a cume-builder.  When we first started building apps, our assumption was that smartphones were great receivers.  Today, we know they are also a powerful bridge for sharing your content.
  • Whenever possible, do something unique or fun.  We like apps that pass the “two guys sitting at a bar” test.  You know, where one guy says to the other guy, “Hey, have you seen the WXXX app?”

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These points may seem fairly self-evident, but it’s surprising how often they’re overlooked. Remember, an app is intended to connect with your audience, building a great app will make that easy.

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