How to Create an iOS App

Apple App StoreGem Barrett is a graphic designer and developer who gave herself a challenge: design, create and launch an iOS app. Already being in the general digital world, Gem felt she could transfer her skills to this new endeavor. In a guest post for The Next Women, Gem chronicles her journey – both the easy and challenging elements. Here’s a few of the things she learned about creating an iOS app.

Having a design background is helpful.

Having a graphic design background ensured that I was able to create an eye-catching and professional icon for the app. An app’s icon provides the first impression to potential purchasers, and therefore needs to clearly reflect the app’s purpose while being striking enough to stand out from the other 700,000 iOS apps competing for their attention.

Apple’s development software, Xcode, proved to be extremely helpful.

In Xcode, Apple provides many standard interface elements, such as the classic blue gradient toolbar, that users associate with native iOS apps, thereby making the process of producing an app that looks natural on Apple devices very easy to do. …

During my app’s development I found the Storyboards feature to be a great way of getting an overall view of the app’s navigation structure – this also provides a short respite from looking at code!

Pay attention to file size!

While file sizes and page loading times are an important consideration in website development, in app development it is imperative that the overall file size is kept as low as possible in order to ensure that the user is not left staring at the splash screen for longer than a few seconds while the app is loading.

Nothing beats in-the-wild testing.

Nothing compares to testing the app in a ‘real world’ environment on an actual device in order to get an accurate feel for the overall experience – not to mention the indescribable feeling of seeing your first app working on your own Apple device!

Getting an app submitted to and approved by Apple is no easy feat, be patient.

I felt that I was finally prepared to submit my first app. My expectations of sailing through the process were soon dashed, however, when a very long list of validation errors appeared during the first submission attempt.

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Each developer’s journey to the App Store is different, but hopefully Gem’s tale will inspire you to give it a shot, be patient and persistent and value app testing throughout the entire development process!

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