Top Mobile Apps for the 2012 Presidential Election

The 2012 Presidential Election – it is an exciting time in the world of politics and technology is playing a big part in it. We recently highlighted in the Software Testing Blog the ways in which technology has been at the heart of this election season.

All other technology aside, mobile apps seem to have had the biggest impact. There are several in-depth election mobile apps that can help you stay informed on-the-go, and even track poll results as they come in. Want to stay up-to-date with the election on your mobile device? Check out these great apps:

PollTracker: This mobile app will allow you to get poll averages and forecasts as they come in.

Electioncaster: Using Electioncaster you can read and browse election coverage from a variety of sources.

New York Times Election 2012: Like election caster, with this mobile app you can read political news, analysis and get data from The Times and other sources.

Stitcher Election Center: This is a great audio app for listening to radio election coverage. Stitcher Election Center pulls together different election related podcasts and radio stations.

Do you use a mobile app to stay in tune with the election? Share it with us in the comments section – and happy voting!


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