Never Stop Improving Your Mobile App

If at first you don’t succeed, just give up. Believe it or not, that’s mentality behind the majority of mobile app developers these days: Release an app once, hope for the best, and never return to it again.

Luckily for fans of Internet radio, that is not the strategy being adopted by Pandora. USA Today takes a look at the latest updates of their iOS and Android apps.

Internet radio company Pandora is adding more functionality to its mobile apps — showing lyrics and artist information and making it easier to share self-crafted stations with friends — as companies intensify efforts to lure mobile advertising dollars.

Pandora is essentially bringing the features of its website to users of its apps for Apple and Android mobile devices. The app for iPhones was being released Monday, while an Android version is expected to follow soon. Pandora also said it is releasing a version for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 early next year. It will allow ad-free listening for a year with the Windows app.

Mobile use of Pandora’s streaming service is growing quickly. In the quarter that ended in July, mobile listening nearly doubled from a year earlier and made up more than 75 percent of its 3.3 billion listener hours.

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