Mobile Usage Hurts TV Sales

When you want to catch up on a movie or your favorite television show, where do you watch it?

The amount of mobile app video content is growing rapidly and it gives users the option to watch what they want when they want to – while TVs offer somewhat limited choices. Increasingly people are watching more video on their mobile devices or tablets, rather than on their television sets.

A recent PCWorld article by Angela Moscaritolo says that mobile devices are hurting TV sales. In fact, shipments of television types are expected to decline by more than 4 percent in 2012:

“Besides the economy, mobile devices like tablet PCs and smartphones are also having an impact on the television market, NPD said. Specifically, demand for smaller size TVs is expected to slow as consumers increasingly choose to watch TV content on the larger and higher-resolution displays on their mobile device.”

 While mobile devices may be hurting TV sales, television networks have been smart in getting on board with well-tested video streaming mobile apps. With apps like Comcast XFINITY TV app or the Verizon FiOS App, television networks can stay in the game by bringing their business to mobile.

Where do you watch video more – your TV or your smartphone/tablet? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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