3 Things You Need To Know About Apps for iPad Mini

iPad MiniSo a miniature version of the iPad is joining the Mac family. As with each new device that hits the market, there’s going to be shake up in the mobile app world. From a technical development standpoint, it doesn’t look like the iPad Mini will present too many challenges (unlike the new iPad (#3) and the iPhone 5). But it might attract a different type of user, which will dictate which types of apps are most successful. James A. Martin, a blogger for CIO.com, came up with a few things everyone can expect from iPad Mini apps. Here are the three points most pertinent to the development and testing world:

* iPad mini apps won’t need to be updated. The iPad mini has a smaller screen than the iPad 2 or current-generation iPad, but developers won’t have to downscale their apps. That’s because the iPad mini has the same pixel resolution as the iPad 1 and 2. Even so, smaller in-app buttons might make tapping them more difficult.

* Gamers should be happy. Compared to the bigger iPads, the iPad mini is lighter and thinner and you can hold it in one hand. Translation: The mini should be a killer tablet for game apps. However, keep in mind the iPad mini uses Apple’s A5 processor, and the new fourth-generation iPad has the faster Apple A6X chip.

* Productivity won’t be a selling point. Let’s face it, the bigger iPads are only marginally viable as laptop replacements, because tablet apps simply aren’t as full-featured as their desktop software equivalents. … Throw in a smaller screen, and the iPad mini is even less attractive as a laptop alternative.

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