Why Mobile Testing Doesn’t Get the Attention it Deserves

Over on the uTest blog, we recently posted a great interview with mobile app testing expert Karen Johnson. Among the questions we asked were: What type of mobile testing is given the least amount of attention and why? Here is her answer:

Functional mobile testing doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We should never lose sight of what solution a product provides and our need to test from that perspective. I think because there are so many devices, operating systems and a large array of configurations to test, we seem particularly eager to automate mobile testing but if you don’t know what you need to test manually, you’re not ready to build automation.

What’s interesting about mobile and usability is that for the past decade, we’ve learned about web testing and have stabilized and matured the web market and now mobile comes along and introduces another market to figure out. What’s usable and makes sense on a desktop is not the same as what’s usable on mobile. Usability needs to be reconsidered and as testers, we have an opportunity to find not just functional issues and defects but to highlight usability concerns.

And you are correct about security. I suspect as our usage and experience with mobile matures, we’ll become more security-focused. Right now, I think the market and development and testing is more focused on figuring out some of the more basic aspects of mobile product solutions.

Read the full interview >>>

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