New Worldwide Record for Active Mobile Devices

Are you reading this post from your mobile device? If so, you make up the one billion people worldwide using a mobile phone.

More than one billion smartphone devices out there right now are navigating a native app, browsing the mobile web, texting or talking. Research firm Strategy Analytics has reported that we have hit a major mobile milestone – there are now over 1.038 billion smartphones in use worldwide. According to TechCrunch, this milestone took quite a while to reach:

“It’s taken 16 years to pass 1 billion, but the analysts believe it will only take three years for the next billion smartphone users to come on board.

When it comes to the big things in technology, billion, it seems, is the new million.

The analysts do not go into the specifics of which handset maker accounts for the bulk of these. At the moment, Samsung is the leader in terms of…

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