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Mobile App SearchOne of the biggest challenges of app success if getting your app found by users. Word of mouth is great, but how do you get those first few users? I’ve posted before about crafting the perfect app name, but keywords in your app’s description can also be helpful for search optimization. The trick is finding these popular search terms.

Bryson Meunier of Search Engine Land did the heavy lifting and came up with a list of the top 100 most searched keywords in Google Play and Chomp (which Apple purchased earlier this year and recently discontinued). In June, Bryson spent a considerable amount of time going through Chomp and Google Play, entering one letter at a time and seeing what keywords came up. Most of the top results are brand specific – such as Facebook, Google and YouTube – but some are more generic keywords that might be pertinent to your app. Here’s a list of the top 10 generic keywords:

Google Play

  1. Weather – No. 12
  2. Games – No. 15
  3. News – No. 17
  4. Dictionary – No. 18
  5. Horoscope – No. 21
  6. Dictionary – No. 24 [Not sure why this one appears twice]
  7. Quotes – No. 30
  8. Free Games – No. 31
  9. Wallpapers – No. 33
  10. Jokes – No. 35


  1. Games – No. 5
  2. News – No. 7
  3. Game – No. 8
  4. Horoscope – No. 9
  5. New York – No. 15
  6. Video – No. 17
  7. Free – No. 19
  8. Music – No. 20
  9. Yellow Pages – No. 21 [It’s a brand name, but I think it’s generic enough to be widely used]
  10. Quotes – No. 22

It’s interesting that Google Play’s keywords seem to be dominated by brand names, while generic terms feature much more prominently when searching Apple’s store. Something to keep in mind as you optimize your app to specific operating systems and app ecosystems.

By the way, Facebook was the number one keyword for both Google Play and Chomp.

See the full Top 100 lists at Search Engine Land >>>

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