7 Tips and Tricks for iOS 6

With criticism heavily hammering the new maps app, the release of Apple’s iOS 6 doesn’t impress customers as its predecessors did. But if we take the troubled map off the table, iOS 6 does show some improvement to the prior versions. Below we put together a short list of 7 tips and tricks for iOS 6 from PCMAG and Cult of Mac that might change your perspective about the new version.

1. Respond to incoming calls with a text message. Sometimes people call you at a bad time, when you are at a meeting or a movie. Now you can reply with a text message. When a call comes in, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the option and reply with either a canned or customized message which requires just a few steps to set up. Settings > Phone > Reply with Message

Incoming Call Text Response

2. Activate Do Not Disturb to temporarily block incoming calls. This new feature allows you to schedule your own quiet time with the option to authorize only pre-selected contacts to come through. Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb.

Do Not Disturb

3. Full-screen reading experience. In iOS 6, a new button called “Reader” will appear in the top right of your Safari browser when you land on a text page, such as blogs and news articles. Activating Reader will reform the page layout to full-screen mode. If you’d like to share the content with someone, simply click on the arrow shown on the top left to open options to share the content.


4. No more anxiety when inviting others to read content from your device with Guided Access installed. This is such a cool and thoughtful feature for mobile users because you can now let friends see funny photos from your iPhone or iPad without worrying your overall privacy has been compromised. To use Guided Access, open the app and hit Start to activate. After you enable Guided Access, you can choose what part of the app to disable. In the Facebook app, for example, you can disable the previous/next button so the friends you share your device with can only view the photos you wanted to share. To disable Guided Access, simply triple click the Home button and enter the 4-digits password you choose. Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access > Set a 4-digit password for disabling Guided Access.

Guided Access Enable Guided Access

5. Attaching photos and videos to an email draft in iOS 5 or older was a pain point, but not anymore with iOS 6. Now, simply press Hold in the draft when you are in landscape mode and you’ll see the option to insert a photo or video.

Email Insert

6. Share pictures by Photo Stream and Safari. It is so much easier to share pictures with iOS 6. To do that, go to your camera app, press Photo Stream, and tap the Plus button in the upper bar to open options of how and to whom you want to share your pictures. You can also make the albums public on iCloud, Apple’s syncing service. Also, iOS 6 now allows you to upload pictures directly via Safari to other websites like WordPress or Flickr.

7. Stronger camera app to shoot panorama. The improved camera app in iOS 6 allows you to take panorama pictures by simply holding the camera at the leftmost area you want to capture and slowly moving to your right. Imagine you score a court-side ticket to a NBA playoff with your panorama camera app ready in hand. Awesome!

There are far more hidden features in iOS 6 we haven’t mentioned in this post but go try out what we’ve covered above and enjoy the fun of iOS 6.

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